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Track Pan Card Status

PAN Card is most popular document now a day in India and most of the Indian Know about that if they are dealing in financial transaction. It is published by the central government of India under the finance department of Indian. This document is maintained by the National Securities Depository Limited which works under the Income Tax department. As per the government laws, all people who are doing online or offline translation they must use PAN Card or provide PAN Number to the bank. So due to that reasons, it is very necessary to know about the PAN Card, How to Check Pan Card Status and many other. It is portal where you will get full details about that. Many people afraid to tack card but it is very simple to Track PAN Card and for that you should go through the below given detailed information.

History of PAN Card:- PAN is also known as Permanent Account Number which is a identification number of Indian National. It is issued for the all citizen but it is used in identify taxpaying people and through this number government track the all individuals bank transaction. It is created under the IT Act of 1961 by the Indian Government. Each individual gets unique PAN Card Number which is issued by the NDSL. Other countries people are also eligible for the PAN Card but after the qualifying the basic norms. All the norms and conditions are available in the official website of PAN Card. Till now more than 30 million card has been issued by the government.

What is PAN Card ?

Many people don’t know, what is PAN Card?, when they listen first time so for that people this section is very useful. PAN means Permanent Account Number, which is given by the Indian Government if you apply for that. It is plastic card with unique identity number and now it becomes one of the essential documents for the financial transaction. This card contains 10 digits unique alpha numeric number, it essential for those people who is paying taxes and banking transaction. It has some unique features like it is valid across the India apart from if you change the address. It also works as a government identity card but outside India it is not valid. Now millions of people are applying for that and day by day numbers are increasing. It happens due to increasing acceptance of PAN Card.

How You Track PAN Card and PAN Card Status ?

People face lot of problem while they are going to track the PAN Card Status on the official website due to lack of information in the official website. So at this page, we are providing the information about the different way of tracking pan card status form different official website. People can read the guideline of checking pan card status form the website like NDSL and UTI webs portal. You can also know your pan status at e-mudra and myutitsl web portal. All process are only valid for pan card status and for those people who had applied for the card.

Tracking PAN Card Status at UTI Portal

Applicant can able to check the pan card status and application status at the UTI portal. As you know that, all pan card application submitted through the UTI portal only. After applying for PAN Card, you can check the status of pan card at official portal of UTI Infrastructure Technology & Services Limited. But you know the steps of checking pan card status so here some steps are given through which you can know your pan card status. You can check the pan card status if someone applied for the duplicate pan care and correction in pan card.

Steps to Pan Card Status at UTI

  • Now it’s time to visit the UTI website for the UTI PAN Status
  • Now you are on the tracking page apps of UTI portal. The first process is
  • You must know for which purpose you had applied and which type of UTI Application form filled. The available form are (1) New Application F49A (2) Form 49AA (3) CSF
  • If you are applied for pan card first time and tracking pan card status very first time then select the first options (F49A)
  • Many people are fill the form for the name, address and other informational correction and checking pan card status then select the third options(CSF)
  • Next to that insert 15 digit Application Number and Coupon Number in the application box
  • After filling these information, just move towards submitting tab
  • Click on the Submit tab to know your PAN Card Status at UTI Portal.

Check Pan Card Status at NDSL

Checking Pan Card Status through the NDSL Portal is second method of knowing status of pan card. People can track the pan card status after 10 days of filling application. If you are checking status on the NDSL then you have to follow some guideline. These guidelines are only for the National Securities Depository Limited web portal. Many other portals also have facilities to check PAN Card Status and the information related to that are available on this pan card status article. So read each section as per the requirement and knowledge.

Steps to Know Your Pan Card Status

  • Click this link to check PAN Status : NDSL
  • Check options for the pan status like PAN New/Change Request/Address Change’
  • After that provide the 15 digit application or acknowledgement number
  • After entering acknowledgement number, click on the Submit button
  • Wait few moments because website take some to retrieve data
  • Finally the extracted information will appear in your website

Track Pan Card Status at E-Mudhara and Samanta

Some other government agencies are also has facilities to check pan card status or track pan card as well as apply through these portal and portals are E-Mudhara and Samanta.  Actually these departments works under the income tax department so through this you can apply for pan card, track the status of pan card and finally it will deliver to your door steps. People who want PAN Number then apply in any of web portals and after 30 to 45 days your PAN Card will be delivered to your address.

What is the use of PAN Card?

Now a day the demand of PAN Card is increase significantly and some where it works as government identity proof. It plays significant roles when you try to open new bank account, apply for credit card, phone connection etc. Government trying to minimized the black money flow and due to that they paying more attention in PAN Card. So here is the lists of places were PAN Card mandatory.

  • If you are depositing more than Rs. 50000/- in single day in single bank account.
  • Some investing more than Rs. 50000/- or more in securities
  • People buying vehicle or selling vehicle except two wheelers
  • People who is paying taxes and want return of taxes
  • To carry out specific type properties or assets like sale and purchase of fixed assets of or above 5 Lakhs.
  • You can also provide the Pan Card if you want deduction at higher rate of taxes

Note: you can also use pan car as government identity proof but some organisation will reject so first know about the organisation then only show the pan card.

Know your PAN Card Offices Customer Care Number

Government has given lot of facilities to the application who applied through the NSDL or UTI web portals or in other portals. You have facilities to check pan card status online on the official website or through the customer care number. Each web portal has its own customer care number and through which you know each and every things about the PAN Card Status.

PAN card stands for Permanent Account Number and through which government wants to link all the payment of taxes, tax arrears, tax demand, assessment, bank transaction and other financial transaction. Through the PAN Number government is controlling the black money, tax evasion and havala route money transaction. So now it is essential to all people who is doing money transaction frequently.

People if don’t have internet connection and looking to pan card status then contact the customer care number. The customer care numbers of respective website are present in the contact section. So call the customer care number and know each and every thing about the pan card status, status of pan card etc. we have to suggest all citizen of India will have PAN Card because the usage of that are day by day increasing. If you still don’t have pan cad and struggling to how to fill application form of PAN Card then check our other pan card article.